Genius Epos, all in one hospitality program, designed to manage every aspect of your business.

The program can be optimise for all different type of environment such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs/Clubs
  • Takeaways
  • Coffee Shops
  • Markets and many more.

Save time and money with Genius Epos powerful features

Send accurate orders directly to the kitchen. Taking orders has never been easier or more accurate with intuitive item modifiers. Manage multiple items simultaneously and instantly change details like price, name, or quantity.

Split checks seamlessly. Merging, transferring, and splitting checks is fast and simple. Servers can split checks into specified amounts, or move various items to individual checks.

Reporting. Get the lowdown on your business with powerful reporting and analytics. Also you can tracking same time from your phone anytime anywhere.

Why you choose Genius Epos?

  • Fast reliable epos system
  • Increase success of your business
  • Minimise mistakes and errors
  • Helps handle your business efficiently
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface
  • Save money and time.
  • Access report anytime anywhere

Ensure you're always operating at restaurant speed with best-in-class security and system reliability measures.

Offline Mode

Take orders and process payments, even if your internet is out.

Hardwired connection

Reliably operate at top speed to meet peak demand in your restaurant.

Top of the line processor and memory 

Fire orders on the spot without worrying that your POS will slow you down.
Our hardware can handle the spills, drops, and heat of the restaurant.

Durable touchscreens

Screens that won't crack, even with lots of use.


Devices that hold up to the heat of the kitchen.

Water Resistant

Our terminals can take a splash from a spilled drink (or two).

All the features you need to run your restaurant.

At Geniusepos, we've thought about everything so you don't have to. Genius Point of Sale is built specifically for restaurants, and designed by restaurant experts, so it has all the features you need and nothing you don't.