Real Time Reporting

Access real-time data on your restaurant's performance from anywhere.

Real-time sales, menu, and labour data 
No more waiting days or weeks to review results.

Automatic nightly email
Key business metrics sent directly to your inbox each night.

One place for all your data
All the insights you're looking for in one report - no downloading or extra analyses required.

Keep an eye on your performance from any mobile device.

Cloud-enabled reporting
Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Pull up your reports on your phone if you're on the go.

Access the insights you need to keep your business moving forward.

Best-in-class user interface
Identify trends with a well-designed reporting platform.

Comparative reporting
Easily compare sales across multiple locations or time periods in a single report

Day of the week filter
View performance on specific days of the week to measure the impact of holidays or promotions.

Product mix report
Track sales of a menu item across all your menus, whether in-store or online